Neysa Malone : Composer + Performer


Neysa Malone :
Composer + Performer

Neysa Malone, a Berklee College of Music Graduate, has been the Writer and Lead Vocalist for numerous Commercials: such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donut, COACH, CADILLAC, John Frieda, TARGET, Honda and FIOS Verizon.

A couple of Years ago, she formed a Band based out of Brooklyn called Triple Island. Triple Island has many of Influences, all expertly tossed together to form a Mainstream Sound.  Their  first Single, “Fête”, was recorded and distributed by the Agency Human Worldwide.


Triple Island is releasing an Album in July 2021. Neysa often writes and produces with Ray Angry from the Roots.


Samples of my Voice for Jingles

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DUNKIN DONUTS featuring Neysa Malone on Vocals – The Charlie d’Amelio Dunkin Donut TIK TOK Song

Collaboration between Charlie D’Amelio, Dunkin Donuts, Myself and Bang Music. When I sang the song I was trying to capture an essence of youthful love – it had over 100 million views

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FIOS Swimming Pool – Verizon – Featuring Neysa Malone on Vocals
French Ballad. Unrequited love. During a relaxing journey to the French Riviera. Produced by Morgan Visconti written by my mom Georgia Dawes. Neysa on vocals.
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MC DONALD’S Commercial sung by Neysa Malone

Smooth vocals by Neysa Malone
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Smooth Vocals by Neysa Malone
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Neysa singing on CADILLAC Commercial
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JOHN FRIEDA HAIR – Commercial Jingle
Neysa wrote and sang this Song inspired by local Rappers of Brooklyn
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TARGET / SKETCHER – Featuring Neysa Malone on Vocals
I recited a Sensual French Poem. I Million Views within 3 Weeks.
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STARBUCKS – Meet me for Love
Special STARBUCKS Commercial for Valentine’s Day – Featuring Neysa Malone
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Cool vocal by Neysa Malone
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Movie Sound Track of “MARIA MY LOVE”, featuring Neysa Malone

La La Land’s Executive Producer Jasmine McGlade produced this Movie “Maria My Love”
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Neysa’s voice altered
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Vocals on many Mattel spots


samples of my Voice for various types of Jobs
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Neysa’s Pop Mix
Various Samples of Neysa’s Voice
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Indie Mix Neysa Malone
Various Compositions showing Neysa’s vocal Textures
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Turn Around
Turn Around sung by Neysa produced by James Bloch

Triple Island, the Band.

Call it the power of three… Three islands, three cultures, and three sounds surge through this Brooklyn trio, Triple Island. An undeniable union of vocals.
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We were lucky to film on Haitian Flag Day in the Heart of Flatbush, where the real Parties are going down
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Flatbush Jungle
The underground World of Flatbush Brooklyn… Real Life Struggle
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The Team East Twenty First Street in Brookyn is where the Politics start… who are the true Fighters.


Neysa in all her Colors and Triple Island the Band


Vocalist – Jingle & Song Writer – Composer & Performer for Commercials and Movies

Available to write and compose music production / jingles. I work with some of the best composers in New-York city always making your music, commercials or film scoring to your taste. Please email Neysa with your information for any type of musical work.